Staff at McLaren Vale Primary School

To achieve the best for our students and community, we recognise that our staff are our greatest asset.  Accordingly we invest in our people and the support structures around them so that we can provide the best possible learning experiences for our community.  Staff will often work in smaller year level teams (3-5 people) or slightly larger levels of schooling groups on projects specific to their cohort of students.



Principal - Lyn Langeluddecke

Deputy Principal – Leanne Lovett

Senior Leader - Matt Millar


Reception - Alex Gabb, Gabby Morgan, Kym Kleinig

Year 1 - Sue Higgins, Susie Walker / Rebecca Frears, Angela Pedisic / Bernice Sternberg

Year 2 - Anna Bellomarino / Brianna Maddock, Sally Murray / Rosy Gerlach, Kate Lupton

Year 3 - Cate Schueller / Shane Rayner, Kylie Van Laarhoven

Year 3 / 4 - Jenny Jones / Michelle Moore

Year 4 – Paula Hodgens, Ali Ellis

Year 5 – Emma Sheridan, Petra Turner / Shane Rayner

Year 6 – David Cleggett, Simon Lovett

Year 6 / 7 - Sean Beath

Year 7 - Lauren Cole / Kirsty-Anne Mangnoson

AET – Burda Sanders

Performing Arts - Mark Matonti

Japanese - Belinda Schmitt, Rebecca Price

PE - Tim Walker

Science / Technology - John Lysikatos, Michelle Moore, Wendy Lithgow, Kirsty-Anne Mangnoson

Kitchen Specialist - Tamara Piec

Garden Specialist – Marianne Vanderbroeck


Counsellor - Nicky Clark

Pastoral Care - Tyson Maddern

Curriculum Support - Sally Harris, Delys Finn, Sharon Proctor, Julie Kelly, Lee Honan-Anderson, Belinda Turner, Jess Shaw, Natalie Bentley, Zoe Ingolby, Jamie Wells, Sherree Argent, Rebecca Roberts (ACEO)

Finance Manager – Amanda Marcel

Support Services - Lynne Milne, Kylee-Anne Weakley

Administration – Mary-Anne Sherriff, Clair Pavey

Marketing / Communication - Leeanne Storr

Canteen - Megan Walsh

Groundsman - Steve Tilley