Governing Council is a great example of our school and families working together to improve the learning outcomes for all students.  Our Governing Council meets twice a term and involvement gives parents and caregivers a chance to have a real say in how your child’s school does things.

Our 2019 Governing Council members are:

Kent Brown (Chairperson), Jo Matthews (Deputy Chair), Bronwyn Weeks (Secretary), Gizelle Wilson, Jim Fletcher, Kirstie Warn, Taryn Van Den Brink, Shylie Lord, Ruth Willson, Amanda Deakin, Megan Douglass, Cate Schueller, Emma Sheridan, Leanne Lovett, Matt Millar and Lyn Langeluddecke.

Join a Sub-Committee:

We would love to see more parent involvement on our sub-committees.

Parents and caregivers are invited to join one of the various sub-committees, providing support and direction for a range of school activities, including education, finance, wellbeing, grounds, Parents & Friends and the OSHC committee.

Click here to download a Governing Council Sub-Committee registration form.

Sub-Committees explained:

EDUCATION: includes curriculum, parent education programs, feedback on school procedures, communication etc. Identify aspects of the school’s curriculum for review, identify needs of students and expectations of parents and community, examine and report on proposals for change, promotion and communication within the community.

FINANCE: includes analysis of financial reports and monitoring of budgets. Contribute to financial planning, examining monthly reports, set budget procedures, budget formulation, endorse priorities for expenditure.

WELLBEING: includes Canteen, SAKGP, Breakfast Club, Second Bite Support alignment of programs i.e. healthy eating guidelines, bullying and attendance. Contribute to the school’s wellbeing priorities.

GROUNDS: includes facilities, streetscape, nature play, gardens Formulate plans for grounds developments, recommend new projects, manage budget priorities, assist in approved projects.

PARENTS & FRIENDS: Promote school activities and events in the school and local community, assist in planning of school events and coordinating fundraising activities.

OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS CARE (OSHC): Support the Director in the management of the OSHC program, provide open two-way communication regarding the operation and review of the service. Provide feedback to the governing council on the operation of the service.